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Waste Management and Recycling

Our work on Remediation of contaminated soil & Waste Management


Decrease Your Waste Management Costs 

USE-IT has developed methodologies that allow companies to reduce their waste management costs through innovative project development and technological applications. This has allowed a number of organisations to convert the grudge spend on waste management into cost negative projects with a multitude of positive spin-offs, from a Marketing, CSI, Enterprise Development and Triple Bottom Line Reporting outcome.

Help Create Jobs 

USE-IT has been instrumental in a range of projects using innovative waste beneficiation techniques.  The RamBrick is the flagship USE-IT Compressed Earth Block project that has assisted in the construction of several green buildings including The Crane Foundation chick rearing facility, recycling centres and orphanage buildings. We developed several projects setting up e-waste recycling projects, found offtake markets for post-production plastics from local packaging companies, facilitated recycled tyre crumb applications and set up a plastic roof-tile manufacturing plant using dirty post-consumer plastics. Through its efforts USE-IT has created over 2300 jobs in the recycling and waste beneficiation sector, and has plans in place for thousands more. .
 Maximize your BEE Rating 

If your business model is compatible USE-IT can help you to develop projects that will increase your companies B-BBEE score, through a variety of supplier development programs and enterprise development mechanisms.

“Company waste streams can be an opportunity to unlock sustainability initiatives and B-BBEE points”

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